I will rank your website on the first page of Google within 60 days

And will generate more leads than you can handle!


Ranking in position 1 for a keyword traffic of 60,500 visitors a month


Ranking in position 3 for a keyword traffic of 40,500 visitors a month


Ranking in position 6 for a keyword traffic of 60,500 visitors a month


Ranking in position 2 for a keyword traffic of 12,100 visitors a month

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If you’re wondering why the keywords are hidden, it’s out of respect for client confidentiality.
I also don’t want spammers bombing these sites with crap.

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Is it really necessary to have a keyword with lots of traffic?

Absolutely not!

It’s better to have a super targeted keyword of 300 visitors a month than it is to have 5000
random visitors that automatically leave your site as soon as they land on it.

Let’s look at it this way. SEO UK

Say you’re ranking for a keyword that has a keyword traffic of 300 visitors a month. Since your
keyword is super targeted, you’ll get at least a 50% conversion rate.

So out of 300 visitors, you’ll get 150 leads or sales, which is probably far better than what you
were getting before you were ranking!


Will you do the keyword research for me?

Yep, that’s part of my job. Information about search engine optimization services.

If you don’t have a clue on what keywords you’re trying to rank for, don’t worry.

I’ll do all the hard work for you by researching profitable keywords in your niche that will get you
leads, sales and of course… make you money.

Even if you do have a keyword in mind, I’ll still do my own research to figure out if it’s profitable
for you to be ranking for it or whether it’s better for you to aim to rank for another keyword.

These keywords are low-hanging fruit that you can target in order to bring in targeted traffic
from search engines and convert them into leads, clients and sales without much effort.


Will this get me into trouble with Google?

You can trust me when I say that your site is safe with me. There isn’t a single spam link that I
add into my SEO strategy. Neither is there a single process in my strategy that’ll get your
site into trouble. News about search engine optimisation


How do you accept payment?

A downpayment of 100% is required before a project is started. This is because 80% to 90%
of this payment will be used to pay for the running costs involved in ranking a site such as
purchasing domains, hiring writers and etc. lead generation companies


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the ton of work and money that goes into ranking a site, there isn’t a way to give refunds.
However, you should keep in mind that I never take on any sites I can’t rank.


What’s your SEO strategy?

You can check out my strategy here. You can also see why good SEO isn’t a cheap process.


Is there a recurring fee?

In short, yes. However this can be cancelled at any time. Search engine optimization service is here.

SEO is a consistent process. Once your site is ranking on Google, the next step is to maintain your position, rank for related keywords or rank even higher.

There’ll be lots of competitors looking to rank better than you so it’s necessary to stay ahead of them by doing SEO consistently. Why search engine optimization company is important.

Keep in mind that SEO is a very small price to pay once your keyword is ranking on Google and
bringing in clients, leads and sales. No search engine marketing company can be good.


How long will it take to rank my site?

If you’re looking to rank a keyword with high competition then it’ll probably take longer to rank
than a keyword will less competition. But it should typically take 30 to 90 days to rank your site.